Tenacious T

Tasha’s Mug, I mean Mutt Shot – No!  She is so not a mutt. . .
Not that there’s anything wrong with that !
Some of the finest persons I know are mutts . . .
Wait, that didn’t come out right….  I’m going back to bed now
Will start over again in about 4 hours…

With Tasha come strict rules –
Auntie Irene is determined to make a proper police dog
out of the frisky young thang yet. . .

Her first uncrated ride to Lake Harriet !

She was beyond excited, I mean beyoooo-nd

Assisting Auntie Helen in navigating –
a dicey thing since South Minneapolis is new territory. . .

Not too many brave doggies out on this frosty eve. . .
Testing Tasha’s discipline around other canines, the question is, will Irene last?

Someone forgot their picturesque canoe . . .

Tasha plays hide go seek behind Auntie H – Ireney is not amused

“By fooooss”, and a “seetz” and we have a successful parking of the butt.
Meanwhile, Auntie H is channeling a Russian spy, no?

Dusk descends, solar lights on the horizon

Lots of Sleepy Hollow trees about…

Returning along Lk Harriet Parkway

It’s Auntie Irene’s b-day !  We feast on Vina’s victuals.
Back in Billings, Sari is supremely jealous,
and bereft of her beloved chicky fried rice

But what are we suppose to do ?  She chose Josh over Vina’s…

The amazingly bizarre and delicious
tofu-stuffed cake (and Ireney’s b-day goodies)

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