Xmas Betwixt Snowstorm(s)

Twas the Season when a relentless
never-ending snowstorm struck,
causing some of us to stock up on
enough provisions for the 81st Airborne
as well as enough Blockbuster rentals
to bring down Hollywood,
and did I mention the secret stash of
Bacardi-flavored rums from our Caribbean jaunt?
Needless to say, I think we were pretty set. . .

On Xmas Eve, the second night of a four-day snowstorm,
we venture out for our nightly hoofing through the ‘hood

Few strangers were aboot. . .   Okay, so no one was aboot. . .
Okay, just one guy with his faithful furry companion actually

Across the creek, between the trees, a magical glow beckoned . . .

Studying Ma Nature’s effects

Window-gazing wanderer or just snoopy snooper?

Tangletown tantalizes

Momentarily snow-blinded,
geographic dyslexia
strikes the navigator

.     .    .    .  Hark !  A pair of headlights .    .    .    .

Faint sounds of excited chatter echo from across the creek

Elsewhere, all is calm, green and blue

Meanwhile, a well-lit snowman dons snappy chapeau

Tangletown’s doorways are renowned

H does not shy from commenting on
homeowners’ lack of festive choices

Lots of Tudors paying homage to Mary Queen of Scots

Snow is fine and non-slippery underfoot.  .   .
The evil heavy slate stuff is yet to come – thanks Sven…
(the tradition of blaming the cute weatherman is not
going to die anytime soon)

That night, a clearly apologetic Sven gives fair warning:  locals need to exercise caution for tomorrow’s forecast – the dig-out will be a lot heavier on account of that no-good sleet a fallin’…  especially if yer snowblower is chained and locked up and you can’t find the key — arggh

H patiently waits to see who will next spin out
along the slight uphill climb on Portland

But drivers keep turning,
thwarting her evil plan

An airplane comes in for a dangerous landing. . .
resembling  some other-worldly visitors, eh. . .
mebbe Santa and his eight tiny . . . engines?

Two hours later we find our twisty tangled way . . .

…to the opposite side of the parkway where this beauty had beckoned to us from across the creek

Crunching through the snow-oh, headin’ for more shovelin’ in the morning – Oy!

An ambitious few have sculpted modest snow figures

Man in the window stares –
what manner of strange beasts
prowl snow-laden streets on Christmas Eve?
The type that scrutinize, judge, and then rate
homeowners’ decorating
skills if u must know

By the end of our walk, the wind pitches icy prickles. . .

Ye Humble Chapeau

The next afternoon. . .

After a violent morning beating the pumpkin cranberry batter to within an inch of its life and plowing out for the bazillionth time,  we must load H’s Xmas dinner dishes, and transport them across the interstate, over the hills and through the woods to Auntie and Grandma’s howzes . . .  That is, if Missy can be extracted from her hypnotic viewing. . .

. . . of the film adaption of “The Mist” by that genius savant, Stephen If-It’s-Monday-I-Must-Be-On-My-500th novel-King. . .  Don’t say I didn’t warn her !  She whimpers later, “Why didn’t you tell me it was gonna scare the bejeebus outta me ??”  And even later, she adds, “How inappropriate for Xmas was that??”     “Heck,” I shrugged, “you’re the one that decided to start watching it.”  “Besides,” I sniffed, “it’s far superior to any holiday horror flicks out there. . ..”    You know, like axe-wielding homicidal snowmen — I do have my limits . . . (ps:  Rent it – it’s awesome!  “The Mist” that is, not the cranky-pants snowman)

NEXT UP:   To Grandmama’s House We Go !

Shutter speed snow rays

. . .the Grandma in question. . .
new blinds filter a rainbow of light

Tense driving for H, the roads are beyond icy

Her focus is impressive while her knuckles are white


Doin’ the “Bartley” to cheer up Leeme

Dreamin’ of Santa and Hanukkah Harry,
Gracie slumbers while wintry winds
conduct circles and swirls

Deck the lobby with Holiday trimmings

Holiday log jam in Mississippi’s lock and dam

*     *     *

2 thoughts on “Xmas Betwixt Snowstorm(s)

  1. Magical snow pix Zoey, especially the wispy-ness ’round that house! The tree in your lobby is exquisite, love that lime green ribbon. The photo of Gramma is ethereal – almost eerily so. My favorite pic is the last one in this series – the churning waters juxtaposed with the mirror-like calm – just beautiful!

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