Weekend at Grandma’s

As the iconic Sherlock Holmes,
the irresistable Mr. Downey indubitably entertains.
But quite frankly, Dr. Watson,
I mostly gritted my teeth
through the boisterous brutality.
Oh how I wanted to love it!

Heights Theatre strikes a Baker Street pose

*     *     *

If all the stars and planets are in alignment, on Saturdays
Mr. Welk will magically waltz into your living room
(hopefully in kaleidescopic color or Mum will be displeased)
with a champagne welcome and an hour of mind-bending nostalgic fun.
Emphasis on the mind-bending. . .

Before indulging in Welkland,
Wheel in a barrel of cheese.
Trust me – it is only fitting.

On the rare occasion
Mr. Welk dances with
one of his talented *stars*
be sure to admire his deft,
but often dicey footwork…

This little number prompted Irene to sputter,
“That’s about as flamin’ as Bobby gets !”

The family favorite:  the wildly popular Anaconi…

The atmosphere heightens when
Mr. Welk selects a favored dance partner…




…always under the watchful eye of his color-coordinated musicians

*     *     *

Which Treats for Grandma . . . always a Tricky Business

.     .     .     Do you leave the gun – or take the cannolli   .     .     .    ?

Preferring reruns of  “Dog – The Bounty Hunter”
Tasha quietly endures the so-called “Champagne” music

but not without secretly mustering a little sneer. . .


Closing in for a bionic inspection [via tongue bien sur]

Theodozia tests Tasha with a “Trachea Treat” –
a disturbing oxymoron if there ever was one…
Don’t be fooled by the intense stare
Once between her choppers, she delicately carried it off
and stuffed it in a hidey-hole around the house…
Dozia, misunderstanding, kept finding it and re-gifting it to her…
Last seen, Tasha was casing Grandma’s bedroom for more cryptic cubbies…

So brave, and oh so loyal,
highly curious, and so smart
so loving and so playful –
while producing lethal f**ts

Hey Tasha !!  Yah it’s you-ah !
You’re so sweet and terrific too-ah
‘cept for random emissions
You’d be all that and fabulicious !

Meanwhile, back in South Minneapolis. . .


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