All Dog’s Children…

*       *       *


So cool and so inscrutable
so royal and aloof
We loved you Fraulein Hexe
Though you often scared us with your “Woof !”

Your gaze borrowed from Greta Garbo
Your paws folded so delicately
I swear if we didn’t know it
You were spawned from Queen Nefertitti

Yet in the awesome dog park
when your playful ya-ya’s let go
How fun was it to see you frolic
Amongst those crazy doggie-ohs

Your Mexican doggie standoff
was the funnest thing to see
Less trained and confident canines
Generally froze or learned to flee (hee hee)

How we miss you Hexa-Wexah
with your gentle ways, you betcha
In all your magic sleepy twitchin’
Sweetenin’ Heaven with dreams bewitchin’

*       *       *

One thought on “All Dog’s Children…

  1. Such wunnerful, expressive shots of the canines and delightful descriptions. What a nice variety too! Ohhhh, Ode to Hexe… made my eyes leaky. I’ve never seen those pics of her either. Very touching. Excellent post.

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