Billings Redux

As we left the haunted Little Bighorn Valley,
we came across Custer Battlefield Trading Post (& Cafe)

The teeny tiny tintype surrounded by
a fantastic quill and beaded frame is of Crazy Horse
said the shop guy, matter-of-factly

This claim is doubtful since every viable historical scholar
supports the claim that no photograph of Crazy Horse was ever taken.
And in fact, historical records note that Crazy Horse himself
was not crazy about having his photo taken.  .  .
Believing it stole one’s soul. . .

So some figure from history has an over-the-top frame surrounding their tintype
But Crazy Horse’s legend grows on .   .  .

Sari was hungry and ordered chili from Custer’s Cafe
which she shared with Ma-mah
It just made me wonder some more
about how Crazy Horse would probably be freaking
if he knew some madman was blasting miles of rock near the sacred Badlands
to carve out his virtually-unknown face
for future tourists to view??
Seriously?  How did that sculptor, now dead, whose son or family is continuing the dynamiting
how did he ever reconcile anything he ever knew about Crazy Horse
and his own crazy idea of blasting hillsides for a monument to one guy??
No matter how beloved and revered the man is by his own peeps. . .
This seems like the opposite of anything Crazy Horse or his peeps would do to Sacred Mother Earth
You know?

Sometimes chili gives me nightmares

And speaking of Custer’s Trading Post & Cafe,
it seems to me the General/Lieutenant Colonel, whichever one prefers,
is experiencing a more careful, historical re-examination of his life and character,
which is a good thing, cause the man had more misconceptions
and gross bombastic views of his true self than maybe anyone else in US history

The closer we came to Billings, the more psychotic the weather became . . .

Speaking of psychotic, back at the house,
Tobie appeared to be gearing up. . .

for a little psychotic episode of his own

Just kee-ding !

(he was mid-yawn, hee hee)

Girrrrlfriend!!!!!!!  Where you been??????

Things are looking cozy, right?

Two minutes later, the scene drastically changes . . . .




The first rule of Fight Club – you do NOT talk about Fight Club !!

A clear violation — Illegal pawing of the head !

Sometimes the referee doesn’t even pay any attention . . .

. . . and then things can get pretty ugly. . .

. . . if by ugly you mean pretty freakin’ adorable!?

Victory is sweet . . .
Especially when your rival
can’t fit in your socks anyway

Tobie . . . looking for someone to harass. . .
misses that vulnerable innocent on the couch !
Look at her !    Just asking for it. . .

While alert for troop movements. . .

Tobie misses his big chance for attack. . .

You’ve heard of Scorcese’s “There Will Be Blood?”
Well, there will be quiet time. . . in this heah household. . .

Magical Walk #2

Tobie and Parker may be best buds,
but they understand occasional separation is a part of a relationship. . .

The freakish streak of white cloud that crossed the entire horizon

The tail end of Tobie. . .

(Apparently not as trusted off leash as Parker is. . .)

In this kind of park, you can always expect some kind of
crazy wildlife to come gallumphing out of the woods !

Or, er, Parker

Come this way, my little friend !
(Let us  lead each other astray)

Parker, ever-loyal, pulls himself away from temptation . . .

Kibbles and bits, kibbles and bits,
I gotta get me some kibbles ‘n , you know !

Busy makin’ friends

Sometimes gettin’ a little possessive. . .

Hey, I didn’t say you could leave . . .

Busted !

Sniffin’ the competition. . .

In the end, everyone merges
like a perfect machine

The Odd Couple, reunited

Grabbin’ a bite at S’s favorite Billing’s salad shop.  .  .

The arts and crafts trading post in downtown Billings is. . .

how do you say. . .  Awesome !

Battle of Little Bighorn in needlepoint .  .  .

The rings that got away

Oh yoohoo Auntie, look out !

S took a fancy to this complex piece


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