Holed Up in Jackson (Teton Envy)

Embedded in the landscape,
Jackson’s National Museum of Wildlife Art
is a fascinating must-see.  .  .

The bouncy strains of “Catch Me If You Can” haunt us to this day. . .

I won’t deny it – some of us may have got a bit testy. . .

While checking for dead carcasses,
objects in mirror are definitely closer than they appear.  .   .

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a sculpture in Jackson Hole.  .   .

Although swinging cats is frowned upon in Jackson,
I can’t say we saw a single cat  .   .   .

Other than in sculptures

In Jackson, art is everywhere,
driving ski-less tourists
to desperate measures.  .  .

Apparently no elk were harmed
in the making of this archway

Visitors, shmizitors
when Mother Nature calls,
Ponies answer, People !

Good day I say !  Good day to you Sir!
You’ve already interrupted my ministrations. . .

Doorways are suitably spectacular

Constantly teasing us, the Tetons
peeked from behind pesky clouds

Our clearest view of the Tetons came. . .

.  .  .on the last day of our trip
when the sun finally muscled itself in

Somewhere behind us, we heard a sudden loud snap
and rustling of branches. . .  Loud enough cracks
that kept getting closer and closer . . .

Stealthy sounds that fell silent when we were silent. . .
Certainly loud and close enough to make us realize. . .

we better get the heck outta there !!!

Most wildlife appeared alarmingly
unconcerned with passing vehicles

So much so that barely two seconds after this photo was taken,
this innocent nearly got creamed by a lead-footed vehicle

Witnessing the tragedy to come,
we all screamed in horror,
so sure the reckless driver
had flattened the little fellow !!

But miraculously, in a last-second instinctive curl of his hind end,
the little guy did a swoop de swoop dance move,
and coupled with the vehicle’s violent sharp jerk
averted what was certain disaster. . .

The amazingly dexterous hind end in question

Severely shaken after, and secretly sniveling a bit,
we realized this was just one happy ending
this early in the season. . .


The trail snakes through mud cities, ghostly trees, and ice crystal formations.
The mud pots are thick and bubbly, steaming and popping.

You ask yourself, what the heck are we doing
walking atop this
crazy extreme thermal volcanic activity??

Beyond the mud pots, the trail passes several active geysers.
Winter’s fire-ice contrast intensifies eruptions and steam clouds.

If you watch for a while, the mud seems alive, like a planet being born

“Are you sure that’s a paleolithic amoeba?
Cause I think that might be a cigar. . .”

Seriously Mom, stop flippin’ coins in there

The Old Faithful Lodge, and in the distance, Old Geyser sputters to its nappy time.    .    .

Back in Jackson
in the Lodge’s cozy great room,
Sari and I tackle a therapeutic puzzle.  .  .

The hotel is mostly fabulously unoccupied,
not unlike the Overlook Hotel in “The Shining”
without all the “redrum” and such of course. . .

Other than the little psycho,
who, mysteriously in the middle of the night,
decimated all of our hard puzzle work !!

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