Slummin’ in Jackson Hole

Ho-hum view from our hotel room

Due to heavy snowfalls,
we are denied access to any Teton trails,

.  .  . so we set out to scout the town of Jackson
not unlike the Cavalry (but without the horses)
(or the rifles) (or the hardtack) (or the crusty underwear)
Yes, that last one was unnecessary, but you get the picture

Zipping to the National Museum of Wildlife Art.   .   .

From the road, natural ruins. . .

But turn into the mountain and snake up to its hidden entrance,
you have a whole other secret side to the structure . . .

Including startling life-sized sculptures

And I do mean startling. . .

They don’t allow photos inside, mmmkay??

But they don’t mind if you snap a few outside
or in the gift shop. . . .

After too  many viewings of  “Catch Me If You Can”
and a few whiskeys at a local saloon. . .

Sari goes on a rampage
beginning with mocking the town’s sacred Antler Archway

One morning we drove all over looking for a certain breakfast spot
that advertised smoked trout and such
only to find out the place had relocated to the airport.

Debating whether or not to drive 15 miles further,
Sari makes an executive decision and heads out of town. . .

We pull up to an area under heavy construction,
and run into an old cowhand who informs us
that no restaurants are open for business yet

But he does offer a recommendation,
“Oh The Bunnery is real good, yup, real good.”

“You take the road back heah, and then you turn there and there. . .”

That would be back in Jackson, um hm. . .

The lengths some people will go to for smoked fish. . . [sigh]
(not that I had anything to do with it)

Such a pretty setting at night did our Lodge have
Where Yoda-speak just came from, I have no idea

(the Few, the Brave, the Crazies)
Decide To Go Out For a Rooftop Swim

S and H bravely take a stand
and, of course, make a splash
at the lodge’s outdoor pool

Did I mention, it’s like 30 freakin’ degrees outside. . .

And yes, the flash exposes that
it’s snowing to boot . . .

There is evidence that Wyoming pioneers
may have suffered from some troubling spatial issues

Although they sure knew how to make their saloon doors engaging . . .

Yes, many creatures are memorialized in shops,
but you do get to stare up close and personal
at Mother Nature’s finest. . .

The Italian joint we visited on Cinco de Mayo.
Don’t ask. . .   But si !  It was molto bene. . .

Visiting a local Mexican cantina
the day after Cinco de Mayo.
Don’t ask. . . .    But si !  It was muy bueno!

We locate a navigable trail on the outskirts of Jackson Hole
populated by local dogs
thus perhaps deemed safe from rabid wildlife . . .

Though some of the local dogs . . .  No disrespect, but I’m just sayin’. . .

Washing the mud off our boots in the local stream.

On our last morning in Jackson
we choose a cowboy hangout
heavy with Wild West tschotkes

Sari drinks in the local flavor. . .

Speaking of drinking,
apparently Jacksonians set their coffee to “stun”. . .

Speaking of stunning things,
just why has nature designed a big target
on these guyses’ little butts??

Don’t ask me !

Don’t ask me either . . .

I’m surrounded by two-legged wildlife

More cavalier rear advertising.  .  .

Somewhere in there,
we sneak a last peek
at the tantalizing Tetons…

“We seek them here
We seek them there
We seek them most everywhere
Those damned elusive . . .  er, Tetons…

Tee hee-ing, H and S calmly move to the car
having climbed up the rocks
away from the lake valley below
and those scary rustling snapping sounds. . .

Our clearest view of the Tetons
appeared on our last day, and, oh yeah,
as we sped home to Billings . . .

Those are the Tetons, aren’t they??
Maybe they’re only the Little Nipples,
Frankly, from this vantage, it’s so hard to judge!

In a nearby town, we stop at a recommended
French eatery, where we expressed personal compliments to the chef
(much to Sari’s teeth-gritting mortification)

But those nut-encrusted fish dishes were awfully yummy, weren’t they?

In any case, trust me, she will pay me back. . .
For with shenanigans, come consequences,

Trust me !  O Dios Mio


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