Hold the Pickle, Hold the Lettuce…

Uh oh, looks like another narcoleptic moment ahead
brought to you by Mr. Perpetual Motion — a/k/a Parker . . . .

Although Parker is rarely stationary,
(wiggling and swiveling
like a freewheelin’ pendulum)
he has this tendency to conk out
in one fell swoop,
ending up on his back, motionless,
paws disturbingly frozen midair. . .

Witnessing this phenomenon
can be quite traumatic .  .  .

Sensing the moment is coming, Tobie stands by . . .

T checks for breathing . . .

Due to Parker’s chronic
and sudden narcoleptic tendencies,
Tobie has been trained and
dog-certified to periodically
check on Parker’s vitals…
just in case

Josh and Sari take it all in stride.
Learning to deal with Parker’s
sudden flop-and-drops, well,
it’s all part of the foster-care challenge. . .

Besides, they’ve heard Sinatra famously
knocked off for ten minutes at a time
no matter where he was, i.e., the airport,
the shower, church, funerals,

Apparently such catnaps
refreshed Frank’s nervous energy
after staying up all night.  .  .
Who knows, Parker could be
a reincarnation of Ol’ Blue Eyes

Without the pipes, of course,

Cause he does let out a wookie-like sound
when he wrastles with Tobie
that sounds like anything but a crooner . . .

More like a moose in heat
(If you can picture that)

Thankfully, evidence of a clear airway passage
often presents itself, much to everyone’s relief.  .  .

During these unconscious states,
they say hallucinations can take hold.
One can only hope Parker dreams of green fields,
or flowery meadows

or innocent-looking yard invaders . . .

it’s tempting to draw a parallel between
his unconventional sleep patterns
and his steady diet of Whoppers

(said Whoppers courtesy of his owner,
not his responsible foster caretakers)

Coincidence?  Some of us think not. . .

Because Parker gets weekend visitations
with his junk-food lovin’ Poppa
there is little Sari and Josh can do.
I guess Poppa loves to share those little sliders
with Parker after their wild playdates . . .

So while life goes on for most in the daytime . . .

.  .  .  for others, staying awake is not always an option .  .  .  .

Although born and raised in Billings,
Josh is secretly amazed at all of
Montana’s historic little towns . . .

How Parker views
his environment
is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma

We do know his fondness
for his CPR-trained buddy
is plainly evident in his loving gazes. . .

To be fair, when Parker is not in perpetual motion
or frozen in an upright scrum
he is capable of impressive discipline. . .

Waiting for the signal to start noshing. . .
(Tobie standing by for the show)

He exhibits supreme will power,
still waiting for the “magic word”

Wait for it, wait for it – Okay?   Okay !
What a good doggie !

“Burger King anyone?”

Interestingly, Parker rarely has any narcoleptic attacks
during din-din time . . .

For Tobie, ignorance is bliss,
unacquainted as he is with the Home of the Whopper

Good times. . .

One night when someone gently suggested
that all those Whoppers might be messing with his
normally sleek physique. . .
Parker couldn’t hide his shock and outrage. . .

Although, in the next moment, he was,
you know, all spread-eagled again,
so he couldn’t have been too bothered, hm?

Despite his controversial sleep habits,
and personal peccadillos,
Parker’s charm is undeniable. . .

Definitely a chip off Mr. Sinatra . . .

4 thoughts on “Hold the Pickle, Hold the Lettuce…

    1. i had no idea ! yer mum just told me Parker went back to his owner ! I had no idea! nobody told me ! don’t worry, you’ll visit and get a chance to babysit him again !

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