Hodgepodge – Parks and Recreation…

Three little bears sketch at Yellowstone

Behind H and S,
some scary snapping rustling sounds  .  .  .

Zipping back to Billings . . .

We stop for some grub by this intriguing sign.
Why so angry, hamburger?  We never figured it out .  .  .
Although, according to H and S, the patty was more of a “meh”

“Home of the Meh Hamburger’  —  probably not as catchy. . .

From a moving vehicle, we viewed
wandering wildlife cluttering the landscape. . .

the sky coughing up a tableau of stormy blues

Ranch homes studded in the hillside

Swirling side roads

Pops of color

Peaks of snow-capped mountains

Grazing buffalos, more clutter – sheesh

Enough already. . .
(we all deal with parting in different ways, ok?)

Fenced-in fussbudget dogs
furiously barking at . . .

some free-roaming antelope
calmly munching grass nearby. . .

Where the deer and the antelope play
and violate yer neighborhood
if you believe the righteous doggies

Back home,
snug as a bug in a rug,
Hooja reflects on it all

Must one visit a park for recreation?
Are free-roaming animals really free?
And free will – is there really such a thing?
And dogs, will some of them ever shut up?
Discuss amongst yourselves. . .

now if you don’t mind. . .

Ohhmmmmmmm Zzzzz   Purrrrrrrr  zzzz

*    *    *

PS  Happy First Anniversary Josh and Sari !!   xoxo

*    *    *

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