Witchcraft or Crafty Wiz?

Craft Day at Flo’s…

Whaddya get when you cross a six-pound Hershel. . . with. . .

. . .the uber talented State Fair Craft Queen. . .

. . . a fine bottle of Bastardo . . .

. . .the unassumingly modest and secret talent Helen. . .

. . .the wine-swillin’ jewelry maker. . .

. . .the special guest appearances of Jessica and Rebecca. . .

. . . and resident chef and occasional visitor, Awesome-Husband-Who-Cooks. . .

.      .     .

.     .     .

You get a perfectly crafted day for working on State Fair entries. . .

Florence tears apart last year’s Lake Itasca winner – oh the humanity !

With notable sang-froid,
Ms. F pillages another ribbon-winner from last year!
Craft crime, citizens!

Fortunately, although Ms. F may dismantle her creations,
she also lovingly preserves them in well-organized binders. . .
We, all of us, calm down,
and take a hefty swig of Bastardo. . .

Thus from the ashes of the remnants,
and with her newly-hunted-down postcard themes,
Ms. F crafts an awesome look at the Space Race –
from the Soviet Soyuz perspective. . .

How rad !

Hershel is patient, his mind on taco time

Strategic placement is not for the faint-hearted,
as is the task of pitching excess postcards

From the fruits of her efforts,
Ms. F will have colorfully informed Minnesota fairgoers
on the robust efforts of Soviet Russians
who with whimsical wonder,
(and a doggie or two)
set forth to win the Space Race with the U.S. of A. . .

after catching sight of the “comrade dogs in space”
postcards. . .

Not to be outdone, Helen concocts an Xmas By Moonlight showpiece . . .

It was impossible to work on the jewelry bits I brought,
what with all of the canoodling with Hershel,
and/or slurping the Bastardo,
and/or just generally interfering
with H and F’s exhibits. . .

Worried Ms. F might offer him up
for the next NASA space launch,
Hershel goes commando-camouflage

Ms. F’s living space is cozy, beautiful,
free-flowing, as the chi would say,
with a centrally-located ramp
for Hershel’s neighborhood-viewing pleasure. . .

Just to prove what a formidable student she is,
Helen whips up a Chick-themed showpiece. . .

just like that !

Admiring Helen’s handiwork . . .

Sara joins us for dinner,
Dave has bowled up all the fixins,
and we dine on TVP tacos. . .   Delicioso !

And in a proselytizing vegan moment
Sara unveils her sinfully warm
peach-pear cobbler (with a scoop of soy ice crema)

Little Hershel is starting to feel a tad neglected. . .

but not for long. . .

Having painstakingly measured and
applied her photo corner stickies,
Ms. F has almost finished her project.
Pasting those postcards in perfect
alignment is not an easy thing, people.

Especially if one imbibes in the Bastardo
perhaps more than is wise !

PS   Although this household may have strict vegans,
that doesn’t mean all family members are fully on board. . .

. . . not to name any names, or anything . . .

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