Katelyn and Nate

Welcome to the Wedding of Katie and Nate. . .

Irene cannot resist  shadowing Photog’s Assistant

*       *       *

Before you know it,
it’s over in a blur !

To impress his bride, Nate goes for the gusto:
“Denny’s or Mac and D’s?”

Katie and Sari unknowingly
colluded on bridesmaids’ dresses

Bride, shockingly left to her own devices,
is escorted by a can of pop . . .

Bride and giddy new hub ham it up

Another dual-role playing sis – Gina
Maid of Honor and Principal Photog. . .
Holy Dynamic Duo, Batman !

The Rearranging of the Dress

In keeping with her drill sergeant technique
Gina’s gone barefoot commando

Stealth photog on the loose

Katie has time to count her flowers. . .

Classic car, classic beauty

The radiant couple

Altogether now, Awwwwww

All the best wedded connubial bliss, Kids   xoxo

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