Brett Favre and the Frisbee

Howdy, now that I’ve got your attention
with the Brett Favre tag and all,
stick around and play some frisbee with me,
won’t you?

I mean, maybe Brett is in training right now,
in ole Mississippi,
cause he sure ain’t training up here, Peeps !

Just imagine if he was doing as much
backyard action as we’re doing. . .

You just can’t beat a frisbee or a football
for intense pre-season training

Note the spindly back legs doing their thang

Note the keen eye to paw to curly tail coordination

Note the adroit foot action on drop downs

Note the lightening quick reflexes

Marvel at the steadfast single-minded purpose

Note the ability to actually hang on to the frisbee
( * cough *Adrian Peterson* cough *)

Silently chuckle at the endless energy

Secretly freak at the occasionally ghostly frisbee appearance

Hold your breath at such commendable breath control

Applaud the heights of catch-i-tude

Thank reality for occasional flagging energy

Thank Jesus for the energy revival two minutes later. . .

Thank God the sun goes down eventually

Thank Orv for Grandma’s velvety soft grass

Thank all the mamas for doggies’ soft underbellies

easygoing manners

and charming come-hithers

tongue-in-cheek-or out-of-cheek

* Sigh *

Come back Brett, no, stay away Brett,
No, wait, we need you Brett
Oh sweet Jesus, save yourself Brett,
Wait, wait, what about your contract Brett??
For God’s sake, run – run away Brett !

Okay, I never said schitzophrenia didn’t run in the familigia. . .


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