Autumn Walkies


Morning tea at Grandma’s


Back in South Minneapolis
Sweet Pea tippy-toes down the street




A little Ambien might do ya


Or maybe not

Tasha takes Theodozia and Helene out for a stroll

Tasha dutifully poses in one of Silverwood’s sculptures

And spots a prey courtesy of reflective sculpture. . .



Timid Whippet with Bad-ass Collar


 This deceptively sweet-faced little bastard was the toughie!
Barking menacingly when I began to move in . . .

Lookit how petrified is the poor skull-collared Whippet !


Warm shoulder

Cold shoulder


Jonesing for a little piece of you





Spotting Tasha, the ducks of LaBelle Park wisely scattered




 < Sigh >






Tasha drinks in the sumac




6 thoughts on “Autumn Walkies

  1. Lovely pics and prose, just one small correction sumac are the low level bushes haven’t seen any sumac trees I actually LOL love the plaid shoes and the jane austen dress sari picked out

  2. These are so awesome! Great job with the camera. You might have to change your Oh Zoey motto to ‘exploring the depths of NIKON D1000’s!’ Love the 3 way of T and T discovering the ducks.Silverwood looks so lively and pretty.

  3. Silverwood has added so much to this neighborhood… wait’ll u c all the fun stuff they do, and they plan to be open through the winter amazingly. Tasha starts pulling like a race horse when she knows we’re walking there. It’s impossible to get her to foos! She pulls her head down and starts pulling like a pack horse, her head bobbing up and down as she drags you eager to get there NOW ! heeheee

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