S’s Vintage Voyage




One of the most exciting developments during Sari’s stay
came when she proved to everyone
that the squirrel-obsessed T-Bone . . .


 . . . could be trained to run alongside a bicycle . . .


Tensions were high when S
first set the experiment up.


As S clipped on the leash,
even T was looking back like,
“What?  Me?  Should I be worried??”

No, no, Tasha, you should not be worried. . .



 It’s us who should be worried
cause if a twitchy squirrel
dares to cross Tasha’s path,
the question is, will T go after it,
thereby pulling/perhaps tearing the rider
right off the bicycle?



The answer would most likely be, yes,
yes, she would tear you right off your seat. . .

. . .

Commonly-held view of Squirrel Americanus


T’s view of squirrels

. . .

According to S, if T were racing alongside a bike,
that is, “being in the zone”,
she wouldn’t have time (or the inclination)
to go for any road-crossing critters . .

Yah, right. . .

That theory might work for Scruffy
but Tasha . . .  not so much . . .

Her prey drive is, as Dozie noted, “pretty strong” . . .


Anyhoo, after a few test runs with Sari,
(in apparently squirrel-free zones)
Tasha is good to go . . .


Thanks to S’s dog-cruising techniques,
when Irene comes home from work,
she and T return from their first successful spin !

Now Tasha’s crazy energy can, when needed,
be expended much more efficiently,
to her (and everyone else’s) exhausted satiation . . .


A somewhat perplexed T and Auntie
gamely jump for a slow-mo action test shot


After working on a cool logo for my nom de plume
Ireney and T take a break

*        *        *

Another of Sari’s goals during her visit
was to hunt down an authentic,
economically feasible flapper dress
for her upcoming Halloween shenanigans. . .

Too bad I wasn’t wielding
Auntie’s Nikon while Sari was in town. . .
: o C



H was well versed on what section of town
housed a bevy of vintage vendors.



First stop, Uptown, where shops
specialize in provocative teeshirts. . .



Eeeek !  Fashion. . .



Sari was disturbingly drawn to Bob Mackey blitz


Vintage bomber jacket may have fit her like a glove
but S gave not into temptation


More wacky Mackey. . .


H got to try on all the fun hats,
including this jaunty little pork pie number.
Quite fitting, since H is a fan of the English pork pies. . .



S took a fancy to this period piece
a Jane-Austen-meets-Death-to-Smoochy look


Perhaps this Scottish little ditty went too far,
either way, H started to get a little testy at this point. . .



Matching her Mum ‘tude for ‘tude . . .





Dean and Frank would have been right at home
(if they were cross-dressers I mean . . .)


Across the street, a quaint candy shop beckoned. . .




The owner had taken this former open-air grocery
added glass blocks on its storefront,
refurbished the original wood floors
mixed vintage with custom cabinetry
and stocked the little space with all sorts
of exotic, gaily wrapped, psychedelic sweets. . .




By the time we ended up at Nu-Look Consignment,
the strain of all-day flapper shopping began to take its toll…


S looked va-va-voom in this number,
but she wasn’t buying it, either way.



At various times, unbeknownst to any of us,
one or the other of us would sneak over to Broder’s,
the fine Italian deli next door, in order to slake our thirst,
sate our hunger, or just drool at the Italian delicacies on display,
Our voyage for vintage was a no-frills expedition !



Remarkably, back in Billings,
Sari ends up finding this little number
for “forty dollah” on the Internets . . .   Zounds !


Quite rightly, S is ghoulishly pleased with her purchase


Not only is it a beautiful beaded, sequined, vintage flapper dress,
it appears to be one of Jackie O’s designer’s haute couture pieces…


Albeit from the outsourced ‘House of Chang’



Post-Fair Visit




Three weeks after the Fair,
H and I visited the “Admin Too” building
to retrieve our “Creative Activities” entries. . .

Near the entrance, we spotted moss-covered Elvis.

Just as I whipped out my cell to record the phenomenon
two workers pulled up with a pickup,
and began unceremoniously removing Elvis from the perimeter !


When they spotted the camera,
one of the guys leaped back
like he’d been electrocuted.

The other one was quite proud
to pose next to Topiary Elvis…

.   .  .

Viva Las Vegas !




2 thoughts on “S’s Vintage Voyage

  1. hahaha funny post. what an exciting day that was. I laughed at the squirrel pics and the topiary elvis. Frame-able pic of I and T! Great work

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