Happy BirthDroid to You. . .

Oh my, our adventurous Sis has taken the plunge and brought the first 4G Android Smart-Ass Phone into our Midwest family circle.  (not counting Josh’s coup in the mountain range).  Of course, even as H was buying it, a newer version was superseding her “Thunderbolt” – namely, the “Bionic.”  Apparently, it’s smart factor may allow it to re-program humans and communicate with life outside the universe.  As we await H’s assessment of the beast, I’m secretly wondering if the Thunderbolt will have graduated to the Terminator by the time my service plan is up . . .

So far, the Thunderbolt lives up to its name – outsmarting all of us and leaving seared knuckles from its use.  H undergoes initial smartphone phobia, but the big test will be on her upcoming train trip to Chicago.  Should be exciting !  She has 30 days to decide if she wants to keep Thunderbolt or throw in the cyber towel, so to speak, and perhaps lower her bandwidth expectations. . .

As Irene tentatively chats up Verizon’s rep,
H fearlessly fondles the powerful technology in her hot little hand.

Reflect on the shock and awe, and aww, let’s face it,
the school-girl delight of a 5-minute crash training course

You put your right foot in, and then your left foot out . . .

. . . take it home and stare fixedly at the machine as it insidiously takes over your life.
Meanwhile, in the background, Grandma pops her legally-prescribed meds.

Back in Montana, Josh has been incredibly cozy with his Droid Incredible for some time.  Sure, he complained about the rapid battery drain, but he now seems quite content to routinely slay the juice-draining apps with his App-Killer program, like every hour or so . . .

Yeah, that’s a lot of constant killing of constantly re-generating apps . .

It’s no secret Sari despises the Android, so unshakeable is her loyalty to her Appletini iPhone …  so much so that when her Mum went the Droid route (lured by the midnight ride and cries of “The 4G is here!  The 4G is here!” by Auntie Ireney), Sari was said to have muttered, “Mom didn’t even try the iPhone !!!”

Shortly after H set off to Chicago, we noticed that the HTC Thunderbolt has some “buggy issues” specifically, with 3G connectivity in non-4G areas . . .


Meanwhile, back at Grandma’s, when the Droid was still fresh and new and full of possibilities, H took the time to join Grandma in slurping the savory soup so frightfully delicious, courtesy of new Head Chef, Ireney, and her trusty sous chef, “Vita-Mix Vitale.”

Grandma and Tasha are least impressed with all the Droid noise. . .

~         ~          ~

The verdict won’t be in for a while, as H’s train clickety-clacks into Chicago. . . But she texts a frustrated message that her “internets” have been persona non grata since last night.  Perhaps the buggy issue resides with Amtrak and its select Wi-Fi broadband internet service on Acela express trains only?


The day after her birthday, H popped downtown for a “Jewel of India” lunch experience,

. . . before tooling off to visit Macy’s “Towers of Flowers.”

Some towers were more familiar than others.

And no, the show didn’t feature flowered cellular towers . . .

Basically, when it comes to the perfect cell phone, most peeps don’t know what they’re looking for. . . or sometimes, even what they’re looking at.

Most times you just have to take your chances
and steer down into that long unknown road. . .

Thanks H – for being the Lewis & Clark of the Clan.

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