Back Yard Productions Presents: “Swan Lake”


Starring the luminescent Natasha Barkowska…


The opening scene of Swan Lake is dramatic . . .




As Princess Odette, Tasha Barkowska is spellbinding.


Critics have described Ms. Barkowska’s performance as “boisterous.”

Shortly into the first act, the storyline takes a decided twist.



There’s a definite theme running throughout this contemporary adaptation.



For one thing, in this version, the Swan Princess is obsessed with snowballs.


And she’s a lot hairier than your average ballerina.


You could say events get a bit out of hand, and paw . . .




As the tension builds. . .
Sweet Odette transforms into. . .



. . . the Black Swan. . .


And when the trickery of Spring appears –
and Odette realizes snowballs eventually disappear,


. . . Odette takes a swan dive down to reality. . .



The final scene leaves the audience breathless . . .


At the end of the ballet, the camera pans upwards . . .


Backstage, after her performance, Tasha Barkowska can barely wait till Spring springs.



No worries, it’s just around the corner . . .



So what’s next for Ms. Barkowska?



A musical adaptation of “On the Waterfront” perhaps?
Maybe, but after the trauma-rama of playing the Black Swan. . .


. . .  Ms. Barkowska may be ready for some lighter fare.




2 thoughts on “Back Yard Productions Presents: “Swan Lake”

  1. I am so impressed! Crisp action shots are not easy to get and these are beautiful. I really like what you did with the first one too, the zoom-feel is pure genius. Love the ballet parallel too — bravo Zoey!

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