Dramarama at Gramma’s

“I arise in the morning torn
between a desire to improve the world
and a desire to enjoy the world.
This makes it hard to plan the day.”

–   E. B. White

Grandma had an awesome birthday.  That is,
awesome if you minus the moment Auntie Irene fainted
in front of her at 4 a.m. in the bleedin’ morning!

Turns out Irene passed out from inadequate hydration. . .
translating to one tiny cup of tea and glass of milk in a 24-hour period. . .

In fact, when Irene slumped to the floor,
and a panicked Gramma tried to call a neighbor,
it was Dr. Tongue who came to the rescue
with a well-placed resuscitating lick across Irene’s mug.

. . . reviving the gal like nobody’s bidness. . .

Grandma praises Tasha’s unexpected EMT skills.

Meanwhile, as the drama unfolded at Grandma’s,
139 miles south in Decorah, Iowa, above the babbling Trout River,
a live webcam with infrared vision illuminated a cozy scene.

Eyrie:  An eagle’s nest.  Pronounced ‘air-ee’ or ‘eye-ree’

Mama and her nesting brood
peacefully snoozing in their half-ton, 6-foot wide eyrie.

With Pops safeguarding the perimeter,
Mama and babies were safe and snug,
gently undulating in the cool night air.

Let’s not blow smoke up anyone’s feathers,
Pops probably took a snooze now and then, too. . .

That afternoon, following Irene’s recovery,

. . .she and Gramma enjoyed Jon’s homage to Glenn Beck’s none-too-soon departure . . .

  Tasha wonders about strange human drinking habits,
including sometimes actually forgetting to drink. . .

Not to mention the curiousities of high-tea etiquette . . .

*     *     *

Far above Decorah’s fish hatchery,
Papa dramatically swooped in and dropped off
some take-out for Mum and kiddies

Two cameras are positioned 4-5 feet above the nest.
One is automated and trained on the nest.
The other can be panned, tilted and zoomed.
As darkness falls, the cam switches
to infrared night-view (invisible to the nest’s occupants!)

*     *     *

On Saturday, while on the way to Silverwood,
Tash and I met a chocolate-point Siamese kitty .

While we stood there staring. . .

the kitty slowly, casually padded towards us. . .

As she and her sapphire eyes came closer and closer. . .

I could not believe the moxie of that little cat
fearlessly coming in within one foot of Tasha . . .

Just as I couldn’t believe Tasha wasn’t trying to pounce on her . . .

To paraphrase Bogie –
“Kitty, I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. . .”

To paraphrase Captain Renault: “Harrumph.”

In Montana, Tobie is undergoing
major exploration of his delicate leg bones.
His case is a troubling one, mystifying local vets. . .
and setting Sari’s teeth on edge about his seller’s practices. . .

Good luck little Tobie.

And no, this is not a pic of Tobie on hallucinogenics,
just Sari messing with her “CamWow” on her “iPhone.”

Dr. Tongue surveys her lakefront property
for any potential rescuees to practice her CPR skills on.

The Vita Mix master blender Ireney invested in has paid off big time. . .

On Grandma’s b-day she whipped up a cauliflower cream soup, fresh salad dressing,
a very berry smoothie, and home made ice cream from a previous whirring incident.
Even wheat berries were pulverized on behalf of ridiculously fresh whole wheat bread.

Na zdorovlya !

When it came to politics, Dad often quoted Teddy Roosevelt:
“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

And give it a good chew now and then
just to get yer ya-ya’s out.

Er, I’m not sure T.R. said that last part.


Columbia Dog Park attracts a variety of neighboring pooches. . .

A miniature Penny for your thoughts

“Watchoo want, Chica?”
Wary of strangers?  Definitely, but Penny’s poise
and patience was AKC award-worthy.

Penny throws a smoldering Mata Hari look

For tiny Penny to visit a park filled with significantly bigger peers,
well, the reasons for her wary nature become clearer.


Penny checks out the alarming mob accumulating behind her.

*     *     *

Comedic chaos starring Jon and Stephen,
a wonderful day viewing Iowa’s eaglets . . .

 and, of course, the vigilance of
alternative-medicine proponent, Dr. Tongue,
culminated in a wonderful day with Grandma. . .

Waking in the middle of the night,
Grandma gravitates to the computer room.

There she stood, transfixed, raptly gazing at the raptors. . .

Thank you beautiful Decorah eagles. . .
for providing a wonderful peek into your lives.

And thank you Raptor Resource Project,
who are live-streaming this amazing spectacle.


Happy Birthday Gramma,   xoxo

Across town, Ripple drinks in the view from East Bethel . . .

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