A Twins Win? Surely You Josh…

(And don’t call me Shirley)

Tasha was on pins and needles when she heard
the kids were coming to town. . .

Hoojah didn’t look too worried about master and mistress leavin’…yet…

Of course, when they got here,
Sari and Josh were excited to be in Minneapolis. . .
but not as excited as the beef industry was to see Josh. . .

Josh was lured back to Minneapolis for twin reasons –

to demonstrate his wicked curve ball . . .

And (I’m not a hundred percent positive about this)
to witness Sari’s deranged, I mean, daring new look for her Mum…

Back home, a pair of hooligans plot. . .

Turns out, while their owners were away,
Al Capone and Baby Face Nelson a/k/a Tobie and Jasper,
(seen here in their dual mugshot)
were plotting a daring prison (yard) break.

The unsuspecting couple stroll the streets of Minneapolis blissfully unaware of
the hairy criminals they’ve unleashed back home in their hood …

On our way to Wabasha to see the eagles. . .

When Sari is not sparring with Josh,
she wisely power naps.

Along the Mississippi riverfront,
the National Eagle Center in Wabasha is a
wonderful home and refuge center for rescued eagles.

The Center houses fascinating exhibits on these regal raptors.

Such as the tiny mouse on the distant window ledge

And the anatomical eagle eye’s amazing view of the prey

As eagle ambassador, the famous Harriet has been a guest
on the prestigious nightly news program, “The Colbert Report.”

Run, don’t walk, to this wonderful eagle haven.

On Sunday we headed downtown for a little baseball. . .

Josh:  “Must contain excitement… must contain excitement…”

The golden glove is a bronzed mitt on the plaza
and has supported many a rear end.

Josh ponders the wisdom of a seventh hot dog…
“If only I hadn’t had that ninth beer. . .”

A Target Field concessionaire wonders,
whose genius idea was the fruit and nut stand…

Viewing the scoreboard, Josh discovers
“Joe Mauer likes to eat Skittles while watching ‘Entourage.'”

I have no problem with the occasional rabbit-eared fan in the stands. . .

— But I draw the line on Baby Jesus-Joe Mauer Easter Bunny…

The flagpole from the old Met Stadium sent a patriotic stir through many a fan,
or maybe it was the kielbasa sloshing around with the gelato.

After a little schmoozing with security,
Josh was allowed on the field to snap photos.

while the Twins warmed up with yoga poses and such

In an exciting moment during the 4th inning, with one out,
an Indians left fielder hit his first home run of the season
against the Twins’ pitcher. . . or so he thought . . .

Officials were called in to discuss the controversial call. . . .

To assist the officials, some kind of ninjas trotted out. . .

Lucky for the Twins, the ninjas reversed the home run
and ruled a two-run double instead of a 3-run homer.

“Spit like that again, and I’ll kick ya in the nuts…”
Despite good officiating, tensions can run high.

A good call makes fans happy.

Just inhaling some more of this grassy stadium

The girls:  “What a great game!”
Translation:  “Thank God for Kramarczuks!”

Oh yeah – the Twins won 4-3 !

The stunning Easter Basket Irene whipped up on Saturday.
while H tore back at breakneck speed from Wabasha to Minneapolis…

…in order to timely arrive at the Easter Basket blessing.

When anointing the baskets with holy water,
Father Mike likes to douse suspected heathens.

Too bad he wasn’t around when the candle in our basket
inadvertently ignited two bystanders – twice!
(Sorry Maria!!)

If anyone can coax Grandma to the table
it’s her firecracker, whip-smart, infectious-smiling granddaughter…

Tasha says a reluctant good night to her new BFF.

The next day, Easter Sunday, a big Bunny parked across from Grandma’s,
clambored out of her van, and clomped down Polk Avenue.
Bunny turned out to be a professional sneaking home to surprise the kids …

Sari borrows Bunny head and poses
as a Rabbit with, what else, a bit of a ‘tude.

After being kidnapped and driven to a fish fry in Wisconsin,
Josh tutors the gang with some handy Droid tips.

Auntie O confesses to ongoing Droid rage
at the nonstop Droid upgrades. . .

Here is where having a little of Josh’s
easygoing nature might come in handy. . .

H:  Get a Droid.
O:  I’m doin’ the  iPhone.
H:  Traitor.

Josh:  (laughs)
Sari:  Shuddup.

Little do their friends know,
but Sari and Josh often engage in “friendly” competition
with their frenzied, “friending” on Facebook. . .

Unbeknownst to anyone, back in Billings,
Hoojah hatches a diabolical plot to
“welcome” Sari and Josh home…

Enjoying Tash and her love of flying objects…

One of Tasha’s more unseemly leaps brings blushes to all.

Professor Quirrell schleps out to view the action. . .

That night, the kids enjoy a laugh at Tucci Benucch,
just before learning their doggies have gone AWOL. . .

Hoojah learns the boys were on the loose, terrorizing the neighborhood,
but, worse yet, they’ve been apprehended and are due home shortly…

Just before heading back to Montana,
after Mum unwittingly hands her some choice ammo,
Sari considers new ways to publicly needle her dear old Dad.

Sari:  God I should stay another week & take advantage of this buddy pass!

Josh:  God I can’t wait to get home from these eagle-crazy, fish-fryin’
basket-igniting, baseball-challenged, burger-phobic in-laws !!


Stadium and on-field Photos courtesy of Josh


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