Summertime – The Eyes Have It



It’s moving day for Irene’s next-door neighbors.


Ezra and T-Bone’s private, silent goodbye…


Skyler sidles toward the front steps
to wish her nemesis more of a “Sayonara Psycho !”

Lucky there’s a glass door separating the two,
although it’s risky –  one snarky look and Tasha’s schnozz
could easily burst through that storm door…

For Tasha, there’ll be no more Skyler to harass…


*    *    *


Across town, Lily’s in the bucket


Back in the hood, Casanova’s peepers
urge you to skritch his jowls longer…

 It works… for a while anyway…


His parting look seemed to reprimand,
How could you just paw me up
and then leave…


Two doors down, barricaded in his yard,
a pugnacious scamp is looking for action…



Improper Haiku

Ducks, duck and run for cover
flee in your feathers

Downwind of prey
Hunter’s nose hones in,
focused like a zen master



Stone Arch Bridge Festival of Dogs


 It was a particularly sweltering day at the Festival.


The clouds hid the sun most of the time.


The festival has noticeably “blowed up – real good.”



The heat was taking its toll on the furry.


The setting is always picturesque.


Princess’ doppelganger was there.


The dogs trumped the artwork, mostly.


I never met a pooch that didn’t distract





 Parking gets creative



 Ruins of the old mill loom


Tasha’s eyes and that little tilt
always seem to be inquiring.  In this case,
“Why didn’t you bring me along to the Festival?”


Maybe because at the Heights Jamboree Idol contest,
Tash was so overwhelmed with the buzz and excitement,
she shook like George VI at a podium. . .

At the zenith of her sensory overload,
she let out a ginormous yawn of anxiety. . .


And we won’t even discuss fireworks night
when a closet became her bombshelter bunker

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