Dog Log – Winter Edition

Early morning – frosted landscape

Abby, the phantom white Dane…

at first appeared elusive

Until she offered a dignified profile.

While Tasha patiently waited for
someone, anyone, to throw the ball…

Abby continued to offer profiles….

When the young Irish Wolfhound came around,
Abby appeared to channel Donatella:  Geht outta heah!

Apparently that was all for show.
Even though Abby was born deaf,
it doesn’t hamper her scampering.

Without fail, when I dropped to my haunches,
waiting for a doggy action shot,
Remy, so sweet, so mellow, so weary
would come tottering over.

Remy would not take no for an answer
if I didn’t keep stroking her charming self.

With a beagle in the background,
Remy was the amazing dog-headed experiment.

The Irish Wolfhound is just a pup
but with a very worldly grin.

A grin that suggest she’s up to no good.

Opie sported a stylish sweater.

Let’s see, 78 inches across. . .

Cooper gazes up at the notoriously skittish Blue.

That’s some crazy-eyes there, Theodozia noted.

But really, he’s just shy and cautious.
It takes a while to gain his trust.

Although keeping Snausages ™ in your pocket doesn’t hurt.

But he can’t be blamed for his eye to pupil ratio
that occasionally might make him look a little…


In the background,
a rare moment of repose,
Stella with her stick.

In the foreground, Hmm.  So bored.

A dosey-doe and a paw de deux

 Tasha was kinda strange this weekend.

Trouble in Dogwood?
What was happening to her
generally sterling personality?

She was unlike herself at the Park on Saturday.

Was doggie day care craziness
unravelling the usually well-mannered
schutzhund-trained Kay-9?


If Opie flipping Tasha the bird is any indication,
then we’ve got problems…

4-month old Stella
revels in camouflage

Maximus gently supported

Eyes on the Prize
(namely, a neighbor dog nemesis)

Silverwood, January 2012.



Dog flight



Dog Park daydreams

Momma’s Furry Girl

Discovering Rice Creek Woods
St. Paul

Thanks for sharing Furry Girl with us, Auntie

And thanks to James Dyson, who
revolutionized vacuum cleaner technology
by inventing the no-clog filter…

Once upon a time, in Billings,
Parker, Jasper, Tobie, and Kona
posed with pre-meal transfixed stares
(courtesy of Sari Snaps)

Winter’s Bone
Third Avenue Bridge

Nordeast industries
January sunset

Pajama transit napper

*   *   *

Warm days a-comin’ soon. . .

Bliss, Grand Marais
July 2011

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2 thoughts on “Dog Log – Winter Edition

  1. Delightful pics n’ captions, what a treat. The frosted tree shots are especially stunning. U oughta hand out u’r blog address to dog-park visitors – they will SO LOVE seeing your portraits of their pooches!

  2. These are so WONDERFUL! That profile of Abby is spectacular, with Tasha waiting [patiently?] in the background. And the wolfhound??!! So wonderful. You’ve got such a gift.

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