Rumspringa Spring

The Spring arrived entirely too early.
Freakishly early.
Global warmingly too early.
Causing dogs’ frolicking to have a hint of the…

 Rumspringa in their step.

The springy one’s owner reminded me of…

Ron Livingston, I presume

From left: Damian Lewis as Major Richard Winte...
Image via Wikipedia

 He of the Band of Fine Looking Gents


I come in peace, fellow Rompee

Great Dane !
Come for the chips, stay for the game

Drakkar Musk


The lure of prostration






 Six and a half months on this planetary coil

Bounding, tailing


The Tao of Tobi-Wan Kenobi

Photo by Josh
(long hidden in the depths of his smartphone,
recently recovered by archivist Sari)

A Dee Sunset



Photo by Dee



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